(BEYOOOOONDS) Yamazaki Yuhane’s family portrait LOL

1: 2019/08/19(月) 20:50:23.39 0



3: 2019/08/19(月) 20:51:40.65 0
Her dad is a hottie.

5: 2019/08/19(月) 20:56:21.57 0
Her dad is Kishimon

8: 2019/08/19(月) 21:23:41.54 0
I was going to write “That’s Kishimon” until I saw you already said it

10: 2019/08/19(月) 21:26:12.69 0
Is Papa’s facial hair added by the app, or was it already growing like that?

18: 2019/08/19(月) 21:42:45.48 0
Such thick hair

15: 2019/08/19(月) 21:38:42.71 0
Her mom looks like that actress named Take-something

16: 2019/08/19(月) 21:38:57.18 0
All of these are just her. >>1

4: 2019/08/19(月) 20:55:47.71 0
This is the real Yuha-Papa


11: 2019/08/19(月) 21:26:45.71 0
>>4 Who’s the baby in the stroller?

14: 2019/08/19(月) 21:35:44.67 0
Yuha’s childhood friend

7: 2019/08/19(月) 21:16:32.04 0
She really was an only child, huh.

6: 2019/08/19(月) 21:04:36.42 0
Apparently she takes after her father, so this picture might actually be somewhat accurate.

(Source: http://c-ute.doorblog.jp/archives/53719083.html)

This was kind of a useless thread to translate, but I love seeing idols use these photo apps. I’ll leave you with a couple more of my favorites. Let me know if you have other monstrosities to share!



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