Nonaka Miki: “Tomorrow and the day after, we’ll be having fun at our Budokan concerts! There will also be a wonderful announcement!”

1: 2018/12/14(金) 22:14:59.87 0


Anyway, tomorrow and the day after, we’ll be having fun at our Budokan concerts.

There will also be a wonderful announcement very soon!

Well then, see you later!


4: 2018/12/14(金) 22:18:21.91 0
Maybe Morning Musume is going international, and forming a foreign legion led by Nonaka?

41: 2018/12/14(金) 22:28:04.56 0
That’s Ice Creamusume.

7: 2018/12/14(金) 22:19:33.01 0
Very soon?

2: 2018/12/14(金) 22:17:03.27 0
15th gen auditions キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!

9: 2018/12/14(金) 22:20:06.26 0
The way she’s saying it sounds like it might be a concert abroad?
If it’s an audition Nonaka doesn’t have anything to do with it lol

12: 2018/12/14(金) 22:21:07.08 0
She was still carrying concealed bullets, huh…

14: 2018/12/14(金) 22:21:17.00 0
Tsunku♂’s daughter, Nozomi’s daughter, and Maachan’s little sister becoming 15th generation Musume.

15: 2018/12/14(金) 22:21:34.05 0
Is Nonaka in Japan until Christmas?
I wonder if something is going to happen before then.

19: 2018/12/14(金) 22:22:13.50 0
A request to all the women attending the Morning Musume ‘18 Budokan concerts tomorrow and the day after. The opening act is BEYOOOOONDS, and in the second verse of the song Bunkasai Jikkou Iinchou no Koi , after they sing “Nee chotto joshi” please shout “Na-ni-!!” I kindly thank you.

21: 2018/12/14(金) 22:22:25.48 0
Young town?

25: 2018/12/14(金) 22:22:46.37 0
She’ll become a regular while communicating by satellite from America?

23: 2018/12/14(金) 22:22:27.61 0
Is it 15 gen?

24: 2018/12/14(金) 22:22:44.62 0
15 gen auditions end with no winner, and the new members come from Kenshuusei.
Then, the audition finalists become Kenshuusei.
That’s the only way I can see it playing out.

27: 2018/12/14(金) 22:24:21.47 0
Announcing the start of World Audition!
The 15th generation will have one member each chosen from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

26: 2018/12/14(金) 22:23:50.67 0
If she releases a photobook, I’m gonna buy it

28: 2018/12/14(金) 22:24:34.63 0
I wonder why she’s been working so hard at her studies lately

32: 2018/12/14(金) 22:25:00.02 0
What could she have to announce right before going to America for her short term study abroad?

36: 2018/12/14(金) 22:26:56.65 0
She’ll be a concurrent member of a group abroad, and Sayashi will also become a member

38: 2018/12/14(金) 22:27:23.65 0
An exchange student will be coming?

39: 2018/12/14(金) 22:27:31.05
It’s Peace Ayabe

51: 2018/12/14(金) 22:35:41.59 0
If you think about it, they did have two Chinese members.
Whatever happens, I won’t be surprised.

52: 2018/12/14(金) 22:36:39.83 0
I’d be happy if it were a photobook

53: 2018/12/14(金) 22:37:18.20 0
It’s gotta be Tsunku’s return as a producer.

54: 2018/12/14(金) 22:39:04.11 0
She could be promoted to Chel-P.

55: 2018/12/14(金) 22:39:51.34 0
I wonder if it’s a Best Album

63: 2018/12/14(金) 23:04:13.41 0
Since the last Best, there are enough songs piled up to release another. It might be a Best Album.

58: 2018/12/14(金) 22:42:59.41 0
I wonder if the announcement is about the group or her personally.

57: 2018/12/14(金) 22:41:30.86 0
Her blog entry has a lot of comments.

3: 2018/12/14(金) 22:18:08.57 0
I made this decision because there are many more things I want to do with Morning Musume. There are milestones that I want to reach! I’m so happy for all of your kind support!

60: 2018/12/14(金) 22:46:25.68 0
Nonaka-chan is always so positive, and it makes you feel good.

62: 2018/12/14(金) 22:54:36.47 0
Chelsea Musume.

64: 2018/12/14(金) 23:19:22.35 0
Sayashi’s comeback

65: 2018/12/14(金) 23:22:38.92 0
It’s probably something to do with the NBA

68: 2018/12/14(金) 23:34:29.70 0

(Source: http://c-ute.doorblog.jp/archives/52809695.html)

What do you think the announement could be? I think the REAL announcement is the comeback of beloved 2ch translation blog Iron Heart Translations, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until “very soon” to find out exactly what it is… (*¯︶¯*)♡

2 thoughts on “Nonaka Miki: “Tomorrow and the day after, we’ll be having fun at our Budokan concerts! There will also be a wonderful announcement!”

  1. I hope 27 is wrong. I don’t want to see foreing members in Morning Musume. even though I liked Junjun and Linlin in the group.


  2. I going to miss Miki a lot during this two months. I need my dose of Chel’s sweetness everyday to be happy. T_T

    Pd: Thanks for the new translation ^_^


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