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Angerme’s Sasaki Rikako, while being thankful for various things at school, she became tearful, “I’m glad that I came out of my mama’s belly and landed in Japan”

1: 【中国電 86.0 %】 ◆fveg1grntk @\(^o^)/ 2016/06/02(木) 23:55:31.02 0.net


Everyone, what did you do today?

Today, Sasaki went to Sasaki school

I was being thankful for a lot of things, and I completely turned into a tearful old lady

\(^o^)/I really!!!!

\(^o^)/Love my class!!!!!

\(^o^)/Thank you\(^o^)/

Tomorrow, if you think, “Huh, Rikako-chan, your eyes aren’t swollen at all,” just think that I cried at school, pleaseeesesEseEsse. . ..Aahh

\(^o^)/I’m glad that I came out of my mama’s belly and landed in Japan! Sasaki is so happy\(^o^)/(cries)

Thank you.

Everyone, try your best.

3: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/02(木) 23:56:18.07 0.net
Childbirth rocket.

6: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/02(木) 23:58:53.55 0.net
That’s a poetic expression lol

9: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:00:26.13 0.net
Came out of your mama’s belly and landed in Japan. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a phrase like that from a Terada verse.

10: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:01:37.01 0.net
She has more talent than Maro.

12: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:02:04.12 0.net
Does everyone go crazy after joining Angerme?

14: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:02:54.38 0.net
This is outstanding talent that could touch Sanma.

15: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:03:09.55 0.net
This girl’s and Satou’s blogs are truly cryptic.

16: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:03:23.58 0.net
What if they let Rikako write lyrics for a little? lol

17 : http://i.imgur.com/AIT0gC7.jpg 2016/06/03(金) 00:03:49.61 0.net
“Tsunku verse” lmao

18: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:04:01.78 0.net
Sasaki thought about this for an hour before she wrote it, lol. On the contrary, I feel sick.

21: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:06:00.54 0.net
This phrase… I haven’t been this shocked since Hello from the land of bellybuttons.

22: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:08:46.58 0.net
Rikako is a genius.

24: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/06/03(金) 00:23:07.58 0.net
That’s amazing literary talent.


Source: (http://colorhello.blog.jp/archives/1058108139.html)

Honestly, I have no idea how to translate Rikako’s blogs. I never know what she’s trying to say, but that’s what makes it so charming. What is wrong with that girl? That said, I’d love to hear a song with her lyrics.

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